Sunday, April 05, 2009

Creative Commons and what it means to be human

"What does it mean to be human if we don't have a shared culture. And what is a shared culture if you can't share it?"

"We've all these new technologies that allow people to express themselves, take control of their own creative impulses. But the laws (are) getting in the way."

"Creative Commons is designed to save the world from failed sharing."

"... we wanted to create a simple way for creators to say to the world, "Here's the freedom that I want to run with my creative work. Here's the things you're allowed to do..."

"Can I reproduce it? Can I copy it? Can I put it in my textbook? Can I use that photograph? Can I make a new version of it?"

"Creative Commons gives tools to creators to make a choice about Copyright."

"Creative Commons license can cover anything that Copyright covers."

"What we've done is given you the right to exercise your Copyright in more ways more simple."

"The work of Creative Commons is really about laying the infrastructure groundwork for this new type of folk culture."

More CC soundbites here:

Via this blog post -- by outgoing Creative Commons Board Chair, one of CC's founder and other CC initiatives, James Boyle.

Thank you, Mr. Boyle.

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