Thursday, September 27, 2007

ReTRIeVIA blog - Dr. Tan Wee Kiat's "Trivia Retrieved"

I'm currently helping a fellow FOYer publish a series of post at this blog called ReTRIeVIA (

You can read how the blog came about, here.

The blog's intellectual content belongs to Dr. Tan Wee Kiat -- retired NIE Associate Professor, avid philatelist, author (plus co-author/ publisher), swimmer-instructor, and all round nice-guy.

I'm just the caretaker.

Blogging's not something that everyone would like to take up. Even if they have good stories to tell.

Dr. Tan (whom I believe is in his mid-60s, but looking 10 years younger than that) is a humble man. A fella who lets young upstarts like me call him by his name, Wee Kiat (I exercise that privilege most of the time when posting to the FOYers group).

With the PDF article he sent me, it takes relatively little effort to publish to the blog. The individual articles are in concise posts. Very "blog-ready".

Dr. Tan has good stories to tell.

But in truth, I'm helping Dr. Tan because he's a nice guy, first and foremost.


  1. "A nice guy first and foremost" who we sometimes call, Uncle Wicked. LOL.

  2. Hi! Ivan,
    Thanks for posting and taking care of the "retrievia" blog as I am a non-tech fossil from the BC era. "BC" era, of course, stands for 'Before Computers".
    Thanks, too, for the kind words you said about me. I must make sure my children and grandchildren read what you said about me!
    tan wee kiat

  3. Oh yes, the stories are indeed very interesting! I enjoy reading Mr Tan's postings.


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