Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Poetry interlude: Sun, Sea, Sand, Soul (IFLA 2007, South Africa)

I'll be back with a few more IFLA posts from the conference in Durban. Meantime, here's a poem inspired by a photo I took from my hotel room (Marine Parade Garden Court) in Durban. My colleagues and I were staying at a hotel that faced the Indian Ocean! Now I can tell people that I've actually touched and took a dip in the great Indian Ocean.

If you click through to the larger Flickr image, I've added a note to show surfers in the water. Yeah, the waves you see are metres across. The pier in the photo is easily 100 metres long.

Durban, South Africa, Marine Parade
Sun, Sea, Sand, Soul
I lose myself, staring at
The red eye in the sky.

I lose myself, listening to
The song of surf on sand.

The Indian Ocean mere inches from my feet:

Salty sea spray,
Playing an ageless tune.
Sealing men's souls within
The fine grains of sand.

Ivan Chew, 30 Aug 2007

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