Thursday, July 19, 2007

Plug for Songcraft Songwriting Circle - next meetup on 27th July 2007

If you're into writing songs (instrumentals included), or interested in what makes some amateur songwriters tick, then you might want to drop by the coming Songcraft Meetup on 27th July 2007.

This would be their fourth session. They've consistent met over the last three months. Each time there were perhaps three or four core regulars, with about the same number of newcomers, or slightly more.

They've even done some collaborative works. Like a cover version of a Songcraft original. And a collaborative effort over email! Pretty significant, in my opinion, for people who only knew each other three months ago.

One of the regulars, Betty, decided to start a blog after joining Songcraft (go over and say 'Hi'). This fella, Jerron, has been really prolific in terms of coming up with new stuff, which he shares with the group in the mailing list.

Subscribe to the Songcraft blog feed; Jeremy (the bloke who started the group) makes it a point to blog about the compositions shared via the mailing list.

Speaking of Jeremy, it's nice to see him become more proficient in posting stuff online. He specially bought an MP3 recorder for meetup #2. Now he publishes audio excerpts of the meetups, like this one. Which is great 'cos I get to stay a little more connected with the group, even though I wasn't able to make it for the session.

Oh, if you drop by that post and notice YouTube clips, they're actually audio clips saved in video formats and posted to YouTube. Kind of a quirk of Jeremy, who says he's more familiar posting stuff to YouTube, LOL.

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    Thanks very much for the plug, Ivan!



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