Saturday, February 03, 2007

Back from Beijing (Part 1)

[From: Off to Beijing]

Beijing was cold, and windy at times. It was winter after all.

Beijing is huge compared to Singapore. I was told that geographically it's 16 times the size of Singapore.

Beijing is predominantly gray in colour, and deliberately so. The tour guide explained that it was to ensure that the palaces of the emperor(s) remain the most outstanding features in the city, and the colour scheme has remained even till today.

Beijing is a modern city grown from and around an ancient one. Touring Beijing and the surrounding touristy sites -- including climbing up one part of the Great Wall -- has been educational to say the least. I can't help but feel it was like visiting a library of a different kind. The history is in its buildings, landmarks, handicrafts, its cuisines (although my impression from the tour was that modern Beijing cuisines are influenced by cuisines from other parts of China).

Beijing City Tiananmen square Mutton Hotpot Street Performer Teahouse Trishaw ride through the Hutong
great wall

Will be posting more pictures later.


  1. welcome back, ivan!

    and yes, more pictures please.

  2. Welcome home bro. Hope you had some fun in that wintry climate and didn't feel too warm back here. Please update with lots of pics, including those of you and your wife. ;)

  3. 没到长城非好汉啊!Welcome to the club of 好汉! Beijing is one of my favourite places on earth, history oozes from every corner of that city, doesn't it? I totally love it there and even dream of volunteering as tour guide one day at the Forbidden City.


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