Thursday, September 01, 2005

"Simple Book Repair" that's not so simple

The Dartmouth College Libraries have put up a web-based manual on book repair (va

They call it "A Simple Book Repair Manual". I took a look and woah, it's not so simple. If you think preservation work in libraries consist of only scotch tape and glue, well think again. :)

In the context of libraries, people talk about Preservation and Conservation work as two separate functions.

Till today, I still have difficulties trying to differentiate between the two. Just when I think I get the difference between the two, I quickly get confused again because they seem so similar. I shan't even try to offer an explanation of how the two are different.

Maybe you can make some sense of it from this article on Careers on Preservation Librarianship didn't really help.

Think I'll stick to Public Librarianship.

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