Sunday, September 25, 2005

Science Fiction & SciFi authors blogs

Was surfing around for ideas and references for an article I'm writing (for an upcoming internal publication -- you'll hear about it later).

Discovered that Asimov's Science Fiction website features SciFi-related blogs. There's also a whole bunch of SciFi author blogs, here.

If any of you know of more SciFi blogs, feel free to post here.

I'm also interested in Fantasy/ SciFi+Fantasy related blogs & author blogs.



  1. there's warren ellis's blog, which has some really messed up content the way only sci-fi authors seem to be able to find.

    and some blog novels if you'd like:
    monster planet
    simon of space
    scribbles and lies

  2. Thanks, Billy!
    BTW, I'm writing a piece about China MiƩville. This wikipedia entry says that he has a blog at Lenin's Tomb. Wonder if anyone can confirm this.

  3. China does write very occasionally at the Tomb. He is busy writing at the moment, so he won't be appearing again in the immediate future.


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