Monday, May 01, 2006

sgLEAD: Singapore Librarians for Empowerment & Advocacy for the Disabled

[From: Starting a mailing list for Library Disability Services (28 Apr 06)]

Here it is -- the discussion group/ mailing list and the blog. I've blogged about how I drafted the description, objectives and intents here.

What I didn't elaborate was how the name sgLEAD came about, so here goes:
  • Very briefly, the message I got was that a simple and coherent acronym was needed. I thought about what this group was about, and decided that it's about librarians taking the lead in discussions, advocacy and action within the scope of library disability services.
  • Looked up the definition for LEAD and it fitted the intent very well. The downside was the verb "lead" could also be interpreted as the noun (the metal). I wouldn't want this group to "sink like a lead" :)
  • Last thing was to create a name out of the letters L-E-A-D. Decided to put the "sg" in front for "Singapore Librarians". It's fitting 'cos this group is about librarians taking the lead.
  • The rest of the words fell in place -- Empowerment, Advocacy, Disabled. I think the terms says a lot about what we hope to achieve from the standpoint of library and information services.

Someone asked me, "Why are you doing this?"

Well, professionally this is an interest area and it provides a focus on where I want to develop myself as a librarian. Besides, everyone needs a "Hairy Audacious Goal" in life, don't we? We all need a direction in life, career or otherwise : )

Another question: "What if you can't sustain this?"
Answer: Sustain what? A discussion? It doesn't take a lot to maintain a discussion group. Whether there will be actions out of this, we'll take baby steps.

So, I'll be passing the word around to friends, contacts and colleagues. Participation to this group is voluntary, which might be the best way to do this.

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