Saturday, May 27, 2006

Music Experiment - "Saturday in May"

UPDATE, 30 May 06: Since quite a few folks can’t play MP4, I’ve uploaded a MP3 version over at

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Spent the last 4 hours learning how to use Garage Band from the online tutorials, and here's the result -- "Saturday In May" (MPEG4 file, 1.8MB, playing time approx 3min 50sec).

I've written details on how it was put together over at MyRightBrain. Notes are also posted on the image (click on the image):
Saturday In May - GarageBand practice

Constructive comments are most welcome.
I love the Mac!

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  1. Congratulations - it sounds very professional. But ending seems a bit abrupt.

  2. Hi Ivan, sounds like there's a lot that you can do using the Mac.

    I listened to this composition, and it struck me as quite like a form of minimalist music. Was that what you had wanted to achieve?

  3. Hi Oceanskies, yes the Mac is proving to be really nice for my right-brained activities. The suite of software is very well thought-out and integrated so putting things together is quite a breeze, esp. with the online help.

    I don't know about the music being minimalist. I'm not formally trained in music. All I know is that I listened to the various sample tracks, picked those that sounded like they fitted in, experimented a little... and that's it. It just sounds complete to me.


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