Thursday, May 11, 2006

SAM encourages art appreciation and expression

I'm happy to announce that SAM just provided one very good reason why Singaporeans should visit their museum:
We have reviewed our policy in regards to the need to apply for a sketching permit in the galleries, taking into consideration feedback from the public. We welcome drawing or sketching on hand held sketching pads in the galleries using dry medium. Understandably, special arrangements can be made with SAM for the setting up of easel, large drawing boards placed on the floor, use of wet medium, and studio art classes conducted in the galleries.

This came after the public letters, discussion at Singapore Heritage, as well as feedback from the Friends over at (whose comments were passed on by the NHB folks in the group).

SAM posted the information at the blog -- click here for the details. BTW, I think it's a great idea to post it at the blog, as they might be able to solicit more comments that way. Go leave a comment to let them know what you think about their announcement : )

[Reference: Visiting museums/ libraries: Provide more reasons why people should visit, not less, 3 May 2006]

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