Monday, May 22, 2006

If you are 25 and below, they want you to go make some Noise, Singapore

Yeah, I bet they had that catchphrase in mind when they came up with
Noise Singapore is an arts festival for young people, by young people. Based across various media platforms, Noise Singapore is dedicated to "making noise" about the work of young artists in Singapore.

This festival, an initiative of the National Arts Council (NAC), is unique in that the creative works are featured not on gallery walls, but across common communication channels, like the internet, radio, television, magazines and newspapers, to provide an alternative accessible platform to showcase creative works by young people to a wide audience.

Noise Singapore aims to unearth fresh talent and inspire groundbreaking content from youths in Singapore. It is the modern creative canvas that gives young people from all walks of life the opportunity to actively participate in artistic creativity, instead of just being passive audiences. The technological and media platforms give Noise the potential to be an exciting, all-embracing, wide-ranging talent-scouting marketplace for fresh, original creative works and talents in Singapore.

Singapore is the first international partner and Asian chapter of a global Noise network. Other partners are Australia and the United Kingdom.

It's not just about music and sounds. Here's more stuff from the 2005 Gallery.

Oh, it's only open to youths aged 25 and below. Dang! I missed it by almost a decade... ah well, maybe they'll start something called for my generation. : )

Visit for more details.

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