Saturday, May 27, 2006

Kevin starts a “BestBlogForward” meme contest

Kevin Lim ( celebrates his 1000th blog post with a "Best Blog Forward" meme and contest (i.e. with prizes too!)

Instructions (as posted by Kevin):

1. Find the most popular post on your blog
You can discover this either by checking your web statistics service, most number of comments, or simply googling yourself and finding what tops the rankings. Suggestions on using blog trackers like BlogPulse and Technorati are welcomed. If all this sounds too complicated, just go wth your instinct!

2. Blog the story behind it!
Blog the story behind your most popular post by giving the permalink, what it’s about, how it became popular and how you came to write about it. It’s a great way to see our different blogging strategies. I’ll post mine as an example soon but get started if you get the picture.

3. Tag “BestBlogForward”
Once you’re done writing, make sure to title and tag it “BestBlogForward”. Link your post back here if you wish to qualify for the contest. Everyone will also be able to see your post over at Technorati if you use the following HTML code:

He's offering prizes as well... mmm, I'll just participate for the fun of it. Besides, Kevin's been very helpful in coaching a Mac-newbie like me so I'll do it even if there isn't a prize.

I can't quite tell what's my most popular post. The free site tracking tools I use don't really have that level of sophistication. I'd say that the most popular one is where there are lots of comments, and these 2 posts about the opening of the National Library last year received quite a lot: The National Library At Night and New National Library opens - 22 Jul 2005.

The posts are quite straight forward and pretty self-explanatory. No real "story behind it". I just wanted to create more awareness about the launch of the National Library, and share some insights to how things were like in the first few days of opening.

Ok, so what's your story?

Let's see -- I'll tag all the Friends of Yesterday.SG:


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  1. Ivan: Thanks for playing!

    Regarding your National Library posts, I find that being at the right place at the right time AND blogging about it works more than 50% of the time for me in gaining popularity.

    Being first to publish something online is reason enough to "own" that "intellectual space" of the internet. This is at least true for my Top Ten posts.


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