Saturday, December 24, 2005

Digital Art & Digital Storytelling

Knowing that I have an interest in drawing and painting, my wife borrowed this book for me. I was totally blown away by the content. All the artwork was done digitally (my 'raw notes', here).

Was so inspired that I bought this -- a Wacom Intuos pen/ tablet system:

Using it the first time wasn't as easy as I thought. My problem was trying to move the pen like I was still using a mouse.

Basically in using a mouse, you move the mouse over more or less the same spot (on the mouse pad or desk), i.e. your wrist rests on the desk and doesn't really move.

But with a pen-tablet system, you have to move your hand over the surface area of the tablet . The surface area corresponds with the entire area of the computer screen. If you want your cursor to move to the bottom-left of your computer screen, you move your pen to same relative position of the tablet (i.e. same bottom-left corner of the tablet). Your wrist tends to be lifted off the desk.

After going at it a few more times, I've gotten used to using the pen & tablet. Now I can easily switch between using the pen & tablet and the mouse, depending on what's most appropriate for the application at hand.

In digital graphics, using the pen & tablet really improves productivity and provides greater control compared to a mouse. I cannot imagine doing the same Legend of Bukit Merah pictures without the tablet.

With this new toy, maybe I'll might try out digital storytelling.




  1. Ahhh! You've got a tablet!! n_n

    I highly recommend Flash MX.

    1.) The brush in MX is pressure sensitive, excellent for inking clean linework off the cuff. (Ugh... The absolute pain and frustration of tracing out the inking line by line... ah phoooey!)

    2.) The artwork output is in vector, so no worries about low resolution if you decide to print publish your work in the future. Else, it's a pain in the ass (not to mention the RAM) if you have to work on everything at 300dpi.

    And it's relatively easy to export the linework into photoshop for raster painting if you decide to colour.

    Alternatively, if you have extra moolah and a high speed comp... there's always photoshop (7.0 and above for better brushes) and painter (expensive and a memory eater to boot...)

  2. Nice to have you back, Roxanne. So that's where you've been hiding lately...

  3. Anonymous2:57 pm

    Relating to your post, here's a link that you might be interested in.

  4. Thanks Isaak. Have checked out the site and added it to my blogroll over at MyRightBrain.


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