Friday, December 16, 2005

24-hour Comix Jam @ The Pod

This 24- hour event was held last week, starting from the morning of 9 Dec 2005 until the next day. I dropped by on 9 Dec evening at The Pod for a quick look and took some pictures.

ComixJam 24 hrsComixJam 24hrsComixJam 24hrsComixJam 24 Hrs - Dec 2005
ComixJam 24 hrs

My colleague has blogged about it at National Library programmes blog:
A total of 83 contestants aged 13 to 38 took part in an overnight comics drawing competition organised by FUNics Productions and NLB. Beginning at 10am on Fri, 9 Dec 05, they went through a series of workshops... interspersed with free time to conceptualise their 8-page comic book, to do research at the National Library 'since 'research effort' is part of the evaluation criteria) and to sketch out ideas.

ComixJam 24 hrs
Books, friends and food... my kind of enjoyment.
ComixJam 24hrs

I got a kick out of seeing library books being used as reference materials for their character designs:
ComixJam 24hrsComixJam 24 hrsComixJam 24hrsComixJam 24 hrsComixJam 24 Hrs - Dec 2005ComixJam 24 Hrs - Dec 2005ComixJam 24 Hrs - Dec 2005ComixJam 24 Hrs - Dec 2005ComixJam 24 Hrs - Dec 2005


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  1. I'm glad you posted information about the program. It's a great idea...


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