Sunday, December 18, 2005

Blogs and Books Interview: TinkerTailor

Many moons ago, I emailed TinkerTailor some questions on reading and blogging (as a public service librarian, it's important to know more about our customers). TinkerTailor finally took time out from conversing with interns and aerospace industry veterans to share the following:
RamblingLibrarian (RL): What's your blog for? (what is its purpose)
TinkerTailor (TT): Even without you asking, I ask myself such existential questions every now and then. And, like any deep, existential question, I don't have a good answer :)

RL: What made you start (your blog)?
TT: I needed an outlet to maintain the little that's left of my sanity, as well as a place to store some thoughts and information and links.

RL: A bit about your reading interests.
TT: Pretty wide yet eclectic. If you rummage through the pile of junk on my office desk now, you'd unearth books on language and grammar, general science, psychology, marketing, software, anthropology, pedagogy, humour, and a novel I just finished.

RL: What would you consider as the most significant book you've read so far?
TT: For some reason this question is particularly difficult - I've read many significant books, but I wouldn't dare rank any of them as number one. That said, a recent book that had a significant impact would be Hackers & Painters by Paul Graham - I have about 5 blog posts on it. I could have written more, but slothfulness overcame me.

RL: Do you frequent NLB public libraries, or any other library?
TT: I have membership at an educational institution's library and that's the one I frequent. I go to the NLB libraries once a while, but it's less convenient [compared to his regular one].

TinkerTailor, who tells the world he's really a man, was recently highbrowsed for his book-related post (not Hackers & Painters though).


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