Sunday, December 04, 2005

Library Stories: Kevin Lim and lost library cards

I was IMing with Kevin (theory.isthereason) and at one point during our chat, I mentioned "library fines" and he started his "library story". I asked if he'd like to share his story and he said OK 'cos "life is full of stories":
theory.isthereason: guess what... a library story time. When I was 18 or so, my classmate said she needed to borrow books and (had) lost her library card. not thinking too much about it, I loaned her my card. a week later, she said she lost my card

Rambling Librarian: uh oh...*

theory.isthereason: I was like "WTF" but I just said ok and walked off. so for a period of time I didn't have a card. then one day in orchard rd I alighted (boarded) a bus home and on one of the seats was a wallet. it was very obvious and no singaporean would claim it. I took it and asked around realizing the owner probably left.

theory.isthereason: I looked for some ID in the wallet. it belongs to an indonesian student in RJC. there was $1k in the wallet!!

theory.isthereason: Guess what I did next?

Rambling Librarian: you turned in the money to the police of course

theory.isthereason: better.

theory.isthereason: There was an NLB library card. I was near the branch. I went up and asked the librarian to contact the girl (the owner).**

Rambling Librarian: oh wait... you paid her fines???

theory.isthereason: no silly

Rambling Librarian: ok... sorry... so what did the staff do?

theory.isthereason: after we got hold of the owner, she said thank you over the phone and I said no problem. I left the wallet with the librarian and then guess what? :P

Rambling Librarian: don't tell me the librarian took the money (for themselves)!!! ***

theory.isthereason: no silly (twice already ah) :p

Rambling Librarian: (sorry) i paranoid***

theory.isthereason: I asked if I could get a library card because my friend lost mine. the librarian smiled at me and she said she will do it free for me

Rambling Librarian: oh, they did one for you free cos you such a good boy!

theory.isthereason: yeah! exactly. so one good turn deserves another

theory.isthereason: shit happens to me even though it's not my fault. but good things happen to me even when I don't do much. I've got a blessed life

Rambling Librarian: lol. lmao

* Never lend your library card to another person. If you lose the card (or student pass... any cards which can be used to borrow books), report your loss to the library immediately to block the card (not just inform the police or school only). Library members are liable for losses that result from the misuse of your card (just like how banks don't compensate you for the loss if someone used your ATM card to make withdrawals)

** In case you were wondering -- our policy is never to reveal library member's data to another party, even if they claim they are family. However, staff are empowered to use discretion. In this case, the circumstances clearly justified the actions taken. I mean, if you lose SGD $1,000 you would want to be informed asap, wouldn't you?

*** I was just joking! I have great faith in the integrity and trustworthiness of NLB public library staff.

If you have personal stories to share (relating to your experience with libraries), I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. but can we lent it to our brothers and sisters? And I thought...when we lost our ez-link student card, all goverment will get notices...we have to infrom libary also?

  2. Hi Cockcroach, personally I'd prefer not to lend my card to anyone. Remember -- whatever they borrow is under your membership account, which means you are responsible for it and not them. Might lead to misunderstandings later on you know. When you lose your EZlink card, there's an arrangement between TransitLink and the NLB where TransitLink will inform the library to have your card blocked. But this is only for organisations with such an arrangement. So to be safe, it's best to inform the library (and whatever agencies necessary) when you lose your membership card or EZlink card or NRIC etc. Better safe than sorry.

  3. Heh, I guess at least one librarian has a soft spot for heartwarming stories. Such different times when the school librarian uncle thumped us on the head because the people behind us were talking and he was cock-eyed.


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