Thursday, December 08, 2005

Book Blog Partner - Lansing Adult News blog & High Browse Online

Earlier, when Kelli and I were IMing about her library podcasts, I told her about High Browse Online and we discussed the possibility of a "sister blog" (e.g. cross posting, referrals etc).

Recently she emailed me to follow up on the idea, and also crafted this short and sweet statement:
Taking advantage of the world wide web's abilities to transcend boundaries, we are teaming up with another library blog to offer you additional book reviews and reading suggestions.

So, High Browse Online and Lansing Adult News Blog are Book Blog Partners. I wonder if we're the first to form such a "book blog alliance"?

Any other libraries interested in this? It costs nothing. : )

Would love to hear from you.



  1. ivan, i do regular book reviews of filipiniana books (written in english and filipino) in school librarian in action. our library blog, though quite inactive has several book reviews as well.

    count me in :-)

  2. Not really connected to any library at the moment. However, i would be more than willing to be part of it. :)

  3. hi ivan. i'm better at reviewing gadgets than books :) but count me in.

  4. Anonymous6:41 pm

    There is this really nice book.. Talk to the hand, do you have it in the library? It's really funny. :) I recommend it.


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