Wednesday, September 01, 2010

NLB's Customer Appreciation Day + 15-Year Anniversary

A few hours ago, I was at the Central Public Library for the launch of NLB's Customer Appreciation Day.
Customer Appreciation Day + NLB 15-Year Anniversary

The event is into its fifth year. Its the NLB way of thanking library customers for their support.

Hours before the speech and presentation ceremony, kids were invited to create figurines from polymer clay.
Customer Appreciation Day + NLB 15-Year Anniversary Customer Appreciation Day + NLB 15-Year Anniversary Customer Appreciation Day + NLB 15-Year Anniversary

Here's a shot of three of the library's Junior Reading Ambassador rehearsing their show.
Customer Appreciation Day + NLB 15-Year Anniversary

[Fast-forward to the presentation ceremony] After the speech by the Chief Executive of NLB, awards were given out to library customers. Some were for demonstration of good library etiquette while some were recognised for being avid readers/ users of the library.

Customer Appreciation Day + NLB 15-Year Anniversary Customer Appreciation Day + NLB 15-Year Anniversary

Seated right in front of me was an avid reader! I spotted this child reading a compilation of the READ! Singapore stories, which was part of the goodie bag for guests.
Customer Appreciation Day + NLB 15-Year Anniversary

Guests queuing for food and refreshments after the simple award ceremony. Staff were on hand to mingle and interact with them as well.
Customer Appreciation Day + NLB 15-Year Anniversary

NLB 15-YEAR Anniversary
This September is also the 15-Year Anniversary of the formation of National Library Board.

Customer Appreciation Day + NLB 15-Year Anniversary NLB 15-Year anniversary, Sept 2010

Here's a non-comprehensive list of highlights in the 15-Year NLB history
  • 1996 - Jurong West Public Library; first NLB library in a shopping mall.
  • 1997 - Library Supply Centre at Changi opens.
  • 1998 - Bukit Panjang Public Library; first to prototype Colour Coding of library books. This was also the year of the centralised library sale of weeded books (used to be held at individual libraries). Bukit Batok PL was the first library to have the RFID electronic library management system. Made possible the instant online clearing of loans as soon as items are dropped in.
  • 1999 - library@orchard opens; designed and positioned as a lifestyle library (targeted at adults; no Children's section) located at Ngee Ann City, in the hub of Singapore's shopping belt. This was also the year NLB launched the Student Virtual Community web service. It was a service concept ahead of its time, where the site offered online collaborative features like file/ document sharing and repository -- kinda like a more primitive version of Google Docs and YouTube.
  • 2000 - Marine Parade PL opens; the first NLB library co-located within a community club. This was also the year Asian Children's Festival opens.
  • 2001 - "Born to Read, Read to Born" reading initiative launched.
  • 2002 - library@esplanade opens, the first performing arts public library. That was also the year Sengkang PL opened; touted as a DIY library (has a concierge service rather than a full-fledged service counter).
  • 2004 - kidsREAD initiative launched. Jurong Regional Library was also re-opened, featuring a dedicated floor for teens. In that year, the National Library building at Stanford Road closes to public.
  • 2005 - READ! Singapore launches. The new National Library building opens at Victoria street.
  • Library 2010 plan published. Email reminder service launched too.
  • 2007 - launched.
  • 2008 - Molly the Mobile Library launched.
  • 2009 - Library In Your Pocket service launched. Quest, a reading initiative targeted at reluctant readers, was also launched.
  • 2010 - launched. Facebook app launched as well.
This page from the NLB corporate website has a more comprehensive list of the milestones (1995 - 2008).

Loads of things happening from now till 15 Sept ("15 Treasures", "15 Lucky Draw winners" etc.). Check out the website for more details.

Here's to 15 years more!
Customer Appreciation Day + NLB 15-Year Anniversary


  1. Wow!

    Looking at the milestones, I can't believe I've actually been visiting the library for more than a decade, the Bukit Batok and CCK branch.

    It's great to see tthat the libraries are always improving their facilities and services throughout the years.


  2. Hey Parka, thanks for being a supporter and user of the public libraries :)

  3. Hi Ivan,

    Congratulations! Public Libraries Singapore and National Library Board are mutually appreciated to all NLB customers and the active events organised by the public libraries. Keep up the great job. Cheers!


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