Friday, April 16, 2010

NLB celebrates World Book Day 2010: Meet the Rockers, library@esplanade

In conjunction with World Book Day and Copyright Day (Apr 23), the Public Libraries has organised a series of events.

Here's one of particular interest to me:
"Meet the SG Rockers: Music, Copyright, Creative Commons"
Date: Saturday, 17 April 2010
Time: 15:30 - 16:30
Location: Library@Esplanade

How many lawyers do you know who are also band members of some of the hottest acts to come out of Singapore's pop-rock scene? This session brings together some of Singapore's musicians who are lawyers, some specializing in IP laws.

Come for a session to listen to them share their experiences in the music scene, how they produce their songs and their thoughts on music and copyright. We'll ask our guests to talk about ideas -- from books or anything recorded -- that they have found inspiring for their music and life.

They will also share their personal views on copyright, from their perspective as musicians. The focus is on them as musicians; the fact that they are practicing lawyers are just incidental.

This talk follows the Open Mic session that starts an hour earlier, so you might want to drop by early to catch both events.

Facebook event page, here (courtesy of Lunarin)
Facebook | Meet the Rockers

BTW, just to share how this event came about:

Some months ago, my colleagues and I were discussing about library events that we can organise as part of World Book Day and Copyright Day (many people don't know it's a UNESCO initiated event).

I remember thinking somewhere along the lines: Copyright, Creative Commons, Music.

Bounced some ideas off the Creative Commons Singapore discussion list (some helpful suggestions from there but nothing really concrete).

Then I thought of a contact, whom I knew was a rocker and a lawyer, though not specialising in IP law. And I emailed her (yeah, female rocker and practices law... don't play play ah!)

Asked if she would be interested in helping the library as a guest speaker. She replied yes almost immediately and even suggested a few other possible guests.

So come Saturday, 17th Apr 2010, meet: Linda Ong & Eng Teck (Lunarin), Kevin Mathews (Watchmen, The Crowd, Popland) and Daniel Sassoon (Livonia, Electrico).

No prizes for who my contact was :)

Thanks folks, for helping and supporting the public library.

[update: This librarian met these SG Rockers]

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