Thursday, January 01, 2009


On the last day of 2008, my friend (this guy) told me this story that he'd read from this book:
At a party hosted by a successful hedge fund manager, (the late) author Kurt Vonnegut remarked to fellow (late) author Joseph Heller that their host made more money in a single day than what Heller earned from his successful novel, Catch-22, over its entire history.

Heller replied, "Yes that's true. But I have something that he will never have."


Profound stuff, eh?

The full story, here.

In light of the global economic downturn, I thought this would be a nice first-post for 2009.

Cheers, everyone.


  1. Wen Sze12:39 pm

    Great article! More of his speeches and articles on

  2. Dude, this was nice


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