Monday, December 01, 2008

Creative Commons Singapore contest, anyone?

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Incidentally, I learned about this "Second Creative Commons Malaysia Competition" held in July 2007.

The winners were announced here, at the CC-Malaysia site.

Strangely, the CC-MY site hasn't been updated after that. Guess there's no 3rd CC-MY contest.

It's a brilliant idea by the Malaysian side to organise the contests. Pity they didn't continue it.

Come to think of it, we should organise a similar contest in Singapore (especially since the CC-SG licenses are now "live").

Hey, is anyone (in Singapore) interested in organising a CC-SG contest, like what the folks at CC-MY did?

I'm thinking "Grassroots style", i.e. informal, amateur-level, no fancy prizes (maybe a little token cash vouchers, which some people might donate -- myself included), no sophisticated voting mechanisms.

It's the idea of the CC-SG contest that counts.

I'll mull this over.

Am very serious about organising this.

Can't do it alone though.

If you're interested in co-organising this (or know of people who'd be interested), drop me an email at


  1. Yes that's a good idea. One think I've been thinking for a while based on how sometimes we have a hard time finding old photographs, we could get people to scan and upload their old pictures that feature places in Singapore. They should upload them to Flickr with a n appropriate CC license. This way get a pool of pictures that people can use in their future blog and other projects.

  2. We could jointly promote this with SNAP - the NLB project in Flickr that is still work in progress. I could bring this up with the PM of the project with yours and Preetam's suggestion.

  3. Hi Preetam and Ivy, for people to upload photos and adopt a CC license, I think first they have to understand what is CC, how it complements current copyright, what CC does and does not do... basically there must be awareness. And that's where the contest comes in. To raise awareness.

    Actually my view is to go a little bit above posting stuff and tagging it as "CC licensed". I'd like to see a little remixing going on. Or maybe that's a little too premature? Anyway, we'll see what ideas surface, or who's interested in brainstorming for ideas. Keep the ideas coming :)


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