Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yishun Public Library blogger's preview

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Two bloggers emailed me saying they were interested in the Yishun Public Library preview tonight: mrsbudak and Paul.

Unfortunately, Paul couldn't make it, as he was still at work at 6.30pm (he did qualify that be might not be able to make it down, and he was nice enough to email me when he was still stuck in office).

My colleague, Isaak, led the tour.

We had a nice chat with mrsbudak. At one point, I expressed surprise that there was any response at all to the call for bloggers.

mrsbudak responded:

"Why not?"

"I love libraries."

Ah, library users like her.

Makes this job worthwhile.

YIPL officially opens tomorrow, 14 Nov 2008, at 11am.
Yishun Public Library
Yishun Public Library

Update: mrsbudak's YIPL flickr set (she's got a good eye for camera angles). And her views about libraries new and old (warning: contains smatterings of adult-oriented language).

Paul might not have made it for the preview session but he blogged about his visit.