Sunday, June 22, 2008

An email about Librarian jobs in Singapore

I get the occasional email from people (Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans alike) asking about job opportunities in librarianship in Singapore.

Here's a recent one (I didn't ask for permission to quote the letter, so I've blanked out some details from the original mail):

I saw your blog and wanted to ask you a question. I was wondering if it would be possible for me to get a job as a librarian in Singapore. I am [from country omitted] with a master's degree in library science and another master's in psychology. I am able to speak Chinese on an intermediate level.

[Name omitted]

My reply:

Yes it's always possible. Check out the job listings at the Library Association of Singapore website:

Speaking Chinese would help, but majority of Singaporeans speak English. It's our de facto working language. More info about Singapore, at:


In my reply, I forgot to add that anyone interested in library jobs in Singapore can also join the Librarians-In-Singapore mailing list. Questions about the Singapore library scene can be posted and answered there.


  1. I received this email too. She might have mass-mailed librarians with blogs in Singapore.

  2. @QQ*librarian: Interesting. Wonder if we all gave the same reply. Or replied at all. Heh.

  3. Anonymous12:27 am

    Love your posts. One question to you. I am a mother and a masters degree holder librarian with work experience. But since last 6 years have taken a break to have my son and raise my family. Now as I am all set to return and search for a job, the ads scare me. I feel as if I have lost touch. Any suggestions??

    1. Hmm, maybe reduce the feelings of anxiety (of having lost touch of library developments) by reading blogs. Well, not mine but other professionals who write a lot more deeply on issues. Also, join a mailing list relating to librarianship. Read the recent archives and ask thoughtful questions. If possible, volunteer in some capacity (lots of volunteer opportunities available at public libraries, maybe school libraries, but I'm not sure about academic or special libraries). I think I'd do that if in your shoes.


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