Sunday, March 02, 2008

Walter Lim, on "Surviving the blogosphere's social-list"

Walter was interviewed by (28 Jan, 2008) on his views about social media, PR and marketing.

I like what Walter shared at the last two paragraphs:
The best way to understand the new digital domain is to become one of them. Get your hands dirty, roll up your sleeves, engage in online conversations and blog away. Mingle freely way before delivering your first ‘key message'. It is like Relationships 101 all over again.

Most importantly be realistic about what you can or cannot achieve in the new media arena. There are certain topics and subjects that just won't cut it online, regardless of the amount of cultivation/ friendship/ bribery that you have done. Be happy with little successes in the initial stages and build on to bigger and better things in time to come.
The full article, here (Note: I find it ironic that the website calls itself "Interactive Marketing" but the site itself doesn't have things like a Comment feature or Trackback for its articles, heh).

Walter should know what he's talking about. He's a marketing guy who's worked in both the private and public sector (Yesterday.SG's one of his projects, including campaigns like this one -- mentioned by other bloggers actually). He's been invited to forums on PR and Social Media.

And he blogs as well.

His blog is a mix of personal (he's a nature enthusiast at heart) and professional posts (like this, this and this one).

Walter started his blog in May 2005. I remember telling him over a cup of coffee that he's one of those people who should start a blog. He said he had no time. I agreed that blogging takes up time.

But added that since he was clearly passionate about Marketing (while in the coffee shop, he was pointing out what the shop was doing right and what could be improved) and he clearly has intelligent things to say, starting a blog would be a fulfilling experience personally and professionally.

Two years later, judging from his blog, he's clearly done that.

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  1. Blogosphere is like a new terrain in cyberspace. Just as we have "culture shock", "technology shock" we have "blogosphere shock" to learn to overcome the new experience :)


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