Saturday, August 18, 2007

Off to IFLA Conference: 19-23 August 2007, Durban, South Africa (part 2)

My Day-2 in Durban, South Africa. It's 5.55pm now, South Africa time. My Standing Committee meeting ended about 20 minutes ago. Decided to test out the WIFI connection from the conference venue. Pretty good signal and connectivity so far. Not many delegates accessing the network at the moment, 'cos the conference opens only tomorow. Today is just the start of the various technical meeting sessions. Main bulk of the participants will come in tomorrow.

Very nice conference venue (don't have the pictures with me now, so will post them later).

The flights were uneventful. Immigration and customs clearance at Johannesburg was pretty smooth. The most exciting thing that happened was when my colleague who's traveling with me had a scare when her luggage didn't appear on the belt in Johannesburg. Luckily it appeared and all was well. We found our way to Durban airport (the signs were clear enough).

Interestingly, I read this comment before I left Changi airport. It reassured me somewhat. And I'm now reading this comment from Stephen Abram (blog says he's the VP of Innovation at SirsiDynix). He gave directions on how to make the 10 minutes walk from Johannesburg airport to Durban (thanks Stephen; maybe we'll see each other in the conference... I suppose you would be at the exhibitor's area).

Heh. You meet nice people when you blog.

OK, the shuttle bus is here. Gotta get on board. Everyone here (including the South Adricans working in the hotel and retail stores) say it's not safe to walk alone after 6pm here.


  1. priscilla2:03 pm

    All the way to South Africa. Sounds real cool.

  2. Welcome back, Ivan. You didn't think it will be that soon, hey? I am anxiously waiting to hear your comments about Durban "and all"

    Are you having a short blogging course on offer at the conference? I can recommend it, cos not many librarians have jumped on the blogging wagon yet ... well, not that I know of.

    Enjoy the conference and Durban!!!


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