Friday, May 12, 2006

No time to meet? Let's IM

A student, whom I met at a recent meeting with youth volunteers, contacted me via email with some questions about his project. He and his project team members intended to do a project related to the promotion of reading. He asked if I would be willing to answer some questions. Sure, I replied.

After a few emails, he had more questions and asked if it was possible for his team members to meet with me. Unfortunately, my schedule was packed and I had to say no. Then on a whim, I suggested we might be able to have a group discussion via Chat instead.

We arranged to go online at around 9pm, and at the appointed time we "met" via IM. Created a group chat session and 2 of his team members joined in. Concluded our group discussion via IM a few hours ago, around 10pm. We even have an archive of the discussion.

Is that cool or what?

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