Saturday, March 25, 2006

Digital Realm of Music - The Online Guitarists

Popped by this programme at JRL's teens library, V.A.T.
Digital Realm of Music - The Online Guitarists!
Digital Realm of Music - The Online Guitarists!
  • Date/Time : 25 Mar 2006 , 2.00pm to 3.00pm
  • Venue : Jurong Regional Library - Verging All Teens (VAT)
  • Presenter : City School of Music
In this talk. you get to learn about the history of guitar amplification, industry development over the past few decades and the current trends that dominate the music scene today. You will also get to study some legendary guitarists and gain insights into the gears and tone settings of the sounds that were used in their recordings.

Sounded like an interesting talk but unfortunately I had no time to stay for the entire programme. Apparently there was a technical hiccup so they couldn't show their powerpoint slides (I suppose on the history and industry development bit). They went directly into a demo of the sounds used by guitarists like Eric Clapton, Slash (from Guns N Roses), Jimi Hendrix, BB King...

BTW, if you're between 13 to 25, and you're looking for a performance space for your amateur band, contact the folks at Jurong Regional Library. You have the entire floor at V.A.T. to show your music talents. Or email me and I'll put you in touch with them.

I'm personally hoping someone could do a programme/ workshop in the library on the Indian Sitar. I'm really curious how it plays, compared to the guitar. I almost signed up for lessons one time but chickened out. So a programme at the library would be a good, safe, and cost-free way to explore before committing more time and money. Anyone know of a good and reliable Sitar instructor?



  1. This is a truly inspirational use of library space for attracting young people, and I'd like to know more...did it attract a big audience? and how will the library manage the booked -in amateur rock bands? will noise be an issue for other library users?

  2. Hi Angela, I don't know what is considered "big"... I estimate about 30 teens at least, seated in the general area of the performing space. That's not counting the other 60 odd that's in the teens library. The teens library is located at the top floor of the Jurong Regional Library, and has the entire florr to itself. So noise isn't an issue for the rest of the other floors.

    To my knowledge, there's not much to manage the amateur rock bands. I can't say the performances are regular. It depends on who's interested. Maybe over a year, we have about under 10 amateur band performances? I gotta check. If you wish to know more, by all means pls email me. Thanks!


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