Thursday, October 20, 2005

Gahmen Bloggers Meetup (GBM)

For a co-organiser of the very first Gahmen Bloggers Meetup (GBM), I sure am slow in posting this news. It got Tomorrowed already, for crying out loud... To be honest, I'm not much of a co-organiser. Vantan's doing most of the work so far. I just shared some ideas.

How did this meetup come about?

Two month's back (wow, seems like a year ago) I discovered Vantan's blog while searching for posts related to the National Library (Vantan posted this). We corresponded (I suppose like what most bloggers do) via comments and then via email. So I learnt that Vantan works in a government agency too.

A few weeks ago, Vantan -- fresh from attending the First Asian Corporate Blogging Conference -- suggested in passing to have a meetup for government employees who blog -- or "Gahmen Bloggers" for short. I replied, "Why the heck not? Nothing to hide".

Couple of emails later, we nailed the objective, scope and criteria for the meetup. Very civil service-like eh? Nah! "We all the informal kind, lah". Here's the scope of the meetup -- which was drafted tongue-in-cheek:
There are no hard and fast rules, apart from the fact that you should be a civil or public servant, listed in the SGDI. Also, if someone shares some info with the rest of us, but asks to keep it confidential, do respect that. No recording or surveillance devices will be used; no Minutes will be taken (yay!). However, in line with official policy, bar top dancing is permitted.

If you're interested, contact Vantan.

We're limiting to people working in the civil service or government agencies/ statutory boards -- you know, easier to talk-shop, network, gripe vent complain share learning experiences. You may or may not be blogging, doesn't matter. But it's strictly a meet up on your own time.

Oh, in case you're unsure of what you can or cannot share or blog at the meetup, go consult the Government Instruction Manual (IM) or your Employee Handbook. While you're at it, check out the Official Secrets Act (OSA). If you're really really unsure if you're allowed to attend, drop subtle hints to your boss to guage response...

Just kidding! : )


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  1. Anonymous9:49 am

    coincidentally, i came across that "GAHMEN" term (although i've heard it many times) on the net yesterday on! what's really funny is that it was a Shanghainese client who pointed out the site to me.


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