Monday, February 25, 2008

My 2007 Discography

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Published a total of 21 songs for 2007.

Five of the songs were composed because of the Songcraft Songwriting Circle (including adaptations of original compositions by some of the Songcrafters). I'm usually inspired to compose something after each meetup.

SeaStars 2007 cover art - 1Nine of them for the collaborative music album with Adrian.

It all started with this song (thanks dude, 'cos I really enjoyed putting the album together).

And we've decided to seal the partnership by giving ourselves a band name.

Enjoy the songs!

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Ivan Chew's 2007 Discography :: Incidental Tunes of a Rambling Singaporean
  1. Walking On Air (Music Video Version) | Download
  2. We Stand Unbroken (2007) | Download
  3. Sea Biscuit Redux - Tears Came To My Eye (2007) | Download
  4. Home Again (2007) | Download
  5. Happiness Is (2007) | Download
  6. Seashore Days (Music Mash-up) | Download
  7. At My Window (cover version) | Download
  8. At My Window (Rock cover version) | Download
  9. Once Upon A Star | Download
  10. Love On A Train | Download
  11. Midnight Runner | Download
  12. Birthday Song - Library@Orchard | Download
  13. 真正的爱情 (True Love) | Download

SEASTARS 2007 :: The Album | Download the entire album here
  1. Seashore Days
  2. Once Upon A Star 1.3
  3. Flowing With The Waves 1.6
  4. Into The Deep 1.2
  5. Sea Anemone 2.1
  6. Stargazer 1.4
  7. Starfish 1.2
  8. Dolphins Galaxia 1.1
  9. Seabreeze 1.4

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  1. Congrats. That's quite an achievement. And to think someone used to say "no time". :)

  2. Congrats on cloning yourself. Or else how you do so many things... eh, your clone as butt-ugly as you?

    Anyway, I enjoyed the process very much. I randomly make people listen to it and give them that expectant look "nice right?"

  3. @Adrian: Unfortunately, the cloning process did not improve my looks. :)

  4. Anonymous3:44 pm

    hey brother,

    just one word..AWESOME!!!! of my friend listened to it and was impressed when i told him you made all these arrangements and recordings yrself.

    these are my favorites in the album:

    1. We stand unbroken
    2. Happiness is
    3. Once upon a star
    4. Love on a train
    5. True Love.

    My favourite would be the last one -the chinese song, listened to it a few times..

    i'm impressed...keep it up!!!

  5. Hi Ivan, thanks for sharing this. I know you passed me SeaStars 207 way back and I was suppose to give you feedback. But I went into army for 2 weeks after that and then didn't manage to give you your feedback.

    But I guess that all I really have to say is since that first week of Jan, I've had the album in my iPod Nano and it's going to remain in there. =)

    Fantastic stuff. And this is coming from someone who's not really a new age fan. Keep it up!


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