Monday, February 11, 2008

Speaking at USF (Part 4): My 72-year old cousin's blog


72-year old cousin.


It's not a typo.

I've a cousin about half my age. We only discovered each other recently. There's a pretty interesting story behind this, which I'll let my cousin Philip blog about in his blog.


For now, here's his first post.
NOSTALGIA: Childhood
This is my first blog after much encouragement by my cousin Ivan Chew. I notice that most blogs are by young people. I am already 72 years old and my cousin is less than half my age. Anyway, there must always be a start and here I am Ivan! To begin with I like to talk about my primary school days.
I asked Philip if he intended to continue blogging, now that he's tried his hand at it.

He said he intended to blog as long as he can. So far he found it quite challenging, as it's not just about the recollection of his memories but also to research and get his facts right.

No, cousin Philip isn't a librarian. LOL!

And no, I didn't ask him to start a blog because I was going to give a talk at USF. I felt he has something worth sharing, so I encouraged him to try it out. We were digging about for some family history.

He declined at first (to start a blog), but later discovered a few inaccuracies (about a family member) reported in some other websites and posts. So starting his own blog was his way of attempting to correct those errors.

I won't give away the story for now (it may be an anti-climax to you, for all I know). I'll see if Philip has more things to share, so that I can mention it at my USF talk.

Over to you, Philip!

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  1. Anonymous10:06 am

    Thanks Ivan for blogging about your 72 years old cousing and also letting your friends know about me. I feel very much encouraged. When I read other's blog, especially about travelling, my inner thoughts said 'oh dear, I have even more stuff to blog'. One example: In 1991 I went to England and Scotland. Having studied British history in school, I was able to relate 1) the castles to the Kings and Queens of that period, 2) the Romans in Bath 3) Shakespeare in Stratford-on-Avon and so on. At present my blog is up to 1950. I'll reach there somehow.


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