Friday, February 15, 2008

Speaking at USF (Part 8): Slides

[From Part 7]

I felt the talk went well. Let's see what the audience say.
Testing the view angles Waiting for the talk to start Nicholas the camera guy

David asked his students to blog their thoughts about the session. Folks, do email me your links!

Was impressed by David's students. They were attentive. Showed interested in the talk (OK so there was one yawn at one point, heh). They asked thoughtful questions during Q&A.

They missed Valentines Day. Hope the talk was useful for them.

Tired now.

My body is fine but my brain is crashing. It's telling me it needs more than the three hours of sleep I had before the talk.

So instead of doing my usual post-talk reflections, I've posted an abbreviated version of my presentation, in three parts.
(BTW, I misspelled "Davies" in the slides. Sorry about that).

Nicholas the video-guy asked about the Dolphin Galaxia video. Here's the link, Nicholas.

UPDATE (blog posts by attendees):

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  1. Sounds like you had a good time Ivan, well done! Can I make you repeat you talk in SG after you get back?

  2. Sure thing, Siva! BTW your advice to use the "Spicy Chicken Broth" story was great. It added, erm, spice to the talk, lol.

  3. Ivan, I examined all your slides (all three parts) and I think you have a great story to tell, just like Siva, and as credited by Shel.

    Is Nicholas going to share the video of your talk online? Would be easier to watch that since the slides don't tell the whole story. :)

  4. Anonymous3:04 am

    Hi Ivan - I was one of the librarians in the audience last night and I wanted to thank you for your talk. I left feeling inspired and really impressed with your blogging activities in public libraries, particularly in getting senior citizens and teens to blog. I had to leave before the discussion ended, but I am curious to hear the students' reactions to your talk. As a librarian, I really found it incredibly thought-provoking. Thanks for posting the slides too. I will share them with some friends who work at San Francisco Public Library. I visited Singapore in 1994. If I'm ever there again I'd like to visit your libraries.

  5. thanks Ivan! Very engaging and I have much more to blog about. awesome.glad to know of you and have met you. enjoy SF!

  6. Anonymous7:52 am

    Hi Ivan - I'm another of the librarians in the audience last night. I agree with Sherise, I really enjoyed your talk--you are doing great work! It got me thinking about people who consciously choose not to be "visible" in blogs and on the web. Their right to privacy and how that intersects with new perceptions of what is private vs. what is public is really an intriguing and complex topic.

    Great talk, really thought provoking!

  7. Ivan--
    Just posted the first blog response about the talk. Another is in the draft stage. There's just too much to be thinking about! Good thing they don't limit the number of blog posts on the same topic!


  8. Thanks again for coming to USF, Ivan. As a 9-blog blogger, you were very inspiring to a fledgling blogger like myself.

    I'll throw my link into the pile of student responses to your talk.

  9. Anonymous11:42 pm

    Ivan, very interesting slides on Senior Citizens & Blogging. Wish I have given you pictures of seniors learning IT in my class. You have done Singapore proud. Keep it up!


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