Tuesday, February 05, 2008

SCL News, Dec 2007 issue: Newsletter of the IFLA Libraries for Children & Young Adults Section

Just sent this out to the CHILD-YA mailing list:

SCL News Dec 2007The Libraries for Children & Young Adults Section is pleased to present issue no. 67 - Dec 2007:

Download the 1.8MB PDF document, here.

Countries highlighted in this issue:
Australia, Malaysia, Japan, United Kingdom, France, Singapore, South Africa

* The Chair Speaks - p1 - p2
* Editor's Note - p2
* Early literacy programs in Australian libraries p3 - p4
* “Every Baby a Book” programme p-5
* Country Highlights: Japan - p6 - p7
* Country Highlights: UK - p8 - p9
* Country Highlights: France - p10 - p11
* Country Highlights: Singapore - p12 - p13
* Highlights of Pretoria Pre-Conference, South Africa - p14
* Call for papers - p15
* Alexandra Children’s Library, Johannesburg,South Africa - p16 - 17
* Words from incoming & outgoing SC members - p18
* SCL Standing Committee Members’Status - p19
* Contact the Section - p20

On behalf of the Standing Committee,
Thank you and best regards.

Ivan Chew
Information Coordinator,
Libraries for Children & Young Adults Section, IFLA

BTW the section started a wiki, as part of our revision of the Young Adults Guidelines.

On page 2 of the newsletter, I elaborated on how the Standing Committee arrived at the decision to start the wiki.

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