Saturday, November 12, 2005

Official opening of National Library & Drama Centre, Singapore (12 Nov 2005)

Today, 12 November 2005, marks the official opening of the National Library of Singapore, as well as the Singapore Drama Centre (co-located within the NL, occupying 2 levels).

NL Official Opening 12 Nov 2005

President of Singapore, Mr S. R. Nathan officiated the launch.
NL Official Opening 12 Nov 2005

The event was attended by about 400 guests at the Events Plaza.
NL Official Opening 12 Nov 2005
NL Official Opening 12 Nov 2005

Now wait a second, wasn't the National Library opened on 22 July this year?

Yes, but that wasn't the official opening.

Geomancy wasn't involved in picking an auspicious date for this. The choice for 12 Nov is to coincide with the opening of the old National Library (Stamford Road) in 1960 (officiated by the late President Yusof Ishak) -- exactly 45 years ago.

The way I see it, the event today is kind of like Singapore officially registering the birth of one of her babies, when delivery of the baby (the National Library, Victoria Street) had been a few months before in July.

Incidentally, I snapped a picture of the Christmas light-up on my way to the train station after the event. It had nothing to do with the opening ceremony. I'm posting it here 'cos it seemed like a nice scene to end the event.
Christmas Light-Up

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  1. Hi Ivan,
    Nazeerah told me about this event, so thanks for letting me have a glimpse of it.

  2. Thanks for the pics; couldn't go so was nice to see this.

  3. Hi Ivan, thanks for coming by and taking such wonderful pix! You should have seen the 'automatic' launch of LKC's bust at level 11 - we have inhouse pix of those! I was stuck upstairs to counter duties so really appreciate your pix. Do keep on going with this wonderful blog!

  4. You're most welcome, folks. That's why I blogged it -- figured that some of you might not be able to observe what's happening, esp. colleagues on duty.


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