Sunday, November 27, 2005

More blogging librarians from Asia needed on Frappr

I learnt about the BloggingLibrarians Frappr map from CW ( Like Von the Filipino Librarian, CW thought our corner of the world was sparsely populated so I decided to add my blog to the map.

For those who don't know Singapore, we're a tiny island nation in South East Asia. At this level, you can't even see Singapore (click on image for larger version):
Frappr01 - Blogging Librarians

You finally get to see the proper outline of Singapore at about 4 times zoom.
Frappr02 -  Blogging Librarians

This is 50% zoom and that's as far as Frappr will go (any further the maps aren't available). Singapore is soooo small that my bubble appear behind my colleague, Isaak's (Isaak's Thoughts), and any additional ones will appear after mine.
Frappr03 - Blogging Librarians

Anyway, size doesn't matter in the Blogosphere. It's what you blog about that does.

I find the blogging librarians frappr map a useful resource for linking to other Liblogarians in Asia. If you're from Singapore and you wish to add yourself to this map, you need to click on "Not in the US?" and use "Singapore, Singapore" for "City."

p.s. Thanks to Scott Pfitzinger ( -- Frappr Admin for "Blogging Librarians" -- for helping out with my earlier problem in adding to the map.

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  1. Thank you Ivan for dropping by my website. I assure you I don't do verbal diarhia. You did not say how old you are.

    Anyway, I think our (NLB)libraries are excellent. Only complaint is too noisy. I was there yesterday. Even when not noisy, they make some noisy annoucement telling people not to be noisy!!!!!

    Incidentally, Dr Prasad was my lecturer in SU.


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