Friday, November 11, 2005

Asian Children's Festival (ACF) 2005 at Singapore Expo

Opening ceremony for the Asian Children's Festival (ACF) 2005 was on 7 Nov. Today, 11 Nov, was the first day of the ACF at Singapore Expo.
Asian Children's Festival 2005 - Expo Hall

Here's the booth manned by my colleagues from Children's Services. You can't miss it -- they are at the front of the hall (nearer to the right):
Asian Children's Festival 2005 - NLB Booth

Library members can borrow books on the spot and Spin The Wheel to win prizes (there's also a ASK! promotion, i.e. ask questions to win prizes):
Asian Children's Festival 2005 - NLB Booth - Spin the Wheel

Children's Librarians (with programme executives colleagues) telling a story through a play (abridged version below):
ACF storytelling 11nov05 - a
Introduction to the story: About a merchant...

ACF storytelling 11nov05 - b
... with a rat problem.

ACF storytelling 11nov05 - c
The rat was so bold that the merchant couldn't do anything to it while the rat continued to eat the merchant's rice.

ACF storytelling 11nov05 - d
So the merchant went to consult a wise old man, who in turn...

ACF storytelling 11nov05 - e
... recommended a Samurai Cat to the merchant. But alas, the rat defeats the warrior!

ACF storytelling 11nov05 - f
And so the merchant laments to the old master that his stuffed cat was better than the Samurai Cat.

ACF storytelling 11nov05 - g
The old master sends another cat, but this time an old one. The merchant balks at the old cat and wonders if the cat will be any good when the warrior has failed.

ACF storytelling 11nov05 - h
The old cat, unlike the other cat before him, doesn't pick a fight with the rat. The old cat even asks the rat to take the food and leave him alone.

ACF storytelling 11nov05 - i
The rat gets bolder and takes more food.

ACF storytelling 11nov05 - j
The comes the harvest and the rat helps itself to a rice ball...

ACF storytelling 11nov05 - k
... and gets stuck by the sticky rice. Turns out the old cat prepared the riceball for the rat.

ACF storytelling 11nov05 - l
And so, the merchant understood that old doesn't mean useless.

ACF storytelling 11nov05 - m
The old master advises the merchant that brains are sometimes better than brawn.

ACF storytelling 11nov05 - n
The cast takes a bow. They are librarians and programme executives from NLB.

Aren't these librarians cool?


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