Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Ego boost from PubSub

I admit it.

It feels good to be ranked high in Pubsub's librarian list :)

Earlier this month, an ex-colleague (who's still a librarian but with a different employer) emailed that I made 4th place in the PubSub Librarian List. At the same time, Shel and Kevin picked up the news on their own and blogged about it. Kevin went as far as writing, "Singaporean takes 4th place in Librarian blogosphere" (fwah Kevin, so drama!)
PubSub linkrank 8 nov 05

Since that day, I'd check the pubsub list from time to time. As expected, my rankings fell from 4th and generally hovered around 40th to 50th place (I believe that's the true ranking).

Today, a fellow colleague (not a blogger but he tracks blogs) informed me that I made No. 1 in the list. This time I didn't hesitate to get a screen shot. The heck with humility. I wanna blog this man!

OK, ego aside -- I like this list because it's a convenient way to get to know other librarian blogs. Also, being ranked at the top lets me know I'm doing something right. If my ranking fall, I see it as a subtle reminder to think about meaningful things to post and still have fun doing it.

Plus I keep these 2 pointers close to my heart:
  • It's not how many people reading your blog, but Who
  • Being at the top is nice; just remember that you have a day job

However, one thing I'm uncomfortable whenever my blog gets to a high rank is this statement:"This list shows the most influential librarian blogs, based on LinkRank".

Me, influential? I think not.

You know, if I were to look at this whole listing business from a different viewpoint, I could write this statement: "This list shows the most read blogs based on LinkRank. You'd better watch what you blog. Blog responsibily."



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