Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Celebrating Knowledge Conference - Endnote

That's the end of the two-day event, attended by about 400 over participants. BTW, I didn't blog about every presentation (only those that I've got substantial notes).

At the closing presentation, there was an excerpt from a NTT DoCoMo video. I think it was titled Vision 2010. The snippet showed a "mobile magazine" with a flexible screen, acting as a e-content reader and communication & multimedia device.

I couldn't find the exact video but this one's good too:
The video you are about to see portrays the kind of technological advances that could transform our world over the next ten years. The events depicted are fictional, but the potential of NTT DoCoMo's cutting-edge technology is very real. Our third-generation (3G) FOMA service is already operational throughout Japan; and by 2010, we hope to have fully brought our vision of advanced mobile communications to fruition (www.docomo-usa.com/vision2010)

Worth taking a look.


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