Thursday, November 24, 2005

Have you read China Mieville?

Just to share this piece I wrote for High Browse Online, on "Weird Fiction" writer China Miéville, in 2 parts: Part 1 and Part 2.

In truth, I didn't know about China Miéville until I was tasked to write the Full Metal Jacket article for High Browse Online (yeah, lots of things that I don't know about books and authors).

Oh, China is a "he", not "she", ok? Why did his parents give him this name? Go read the article.

As of now, I've finished all his New Crobuzon books -- Perdido Street Station (2000), The Scar (2002), and Iron Council (2004). My definite favourite is Perdido Street Station (man, the Slakemoths are too cool for words). Also finished his novella, The Tain (featured in the compilation, Cities). Going to start on King Rat (1998), which were all out on loan when I did the article.

I'd say his works are very British grunge and punk (if you play the electric guitar, his books are kind of like on a permanent Fuzz setting with the distortion and treble set high). If he didn't write books, I bet he'd be a punk rocker (I meant this as a compliment).

In my earlier post on Science Fiction Blogs, I asked if anyone could confirm if China Miéville has a blog at Lenin's Tomb. Back about a week or two, lenin left a reply to say:
China does write very occasionally at the Tomb. He is busy writing at the moment, so he won't be appearing again in the immediate future.

OK, so are we looking at another New Crobuzon book in the works?


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