Thursday, August 14, 2008

IFLA 2008 (part 12): Adhoc meeting

Update on the Sister-library and the Youth Expression project proposals (previously mentioned here):

Our small working group hard at work

After this morning's visit, a few of us met to discuss the scope of the two proposals.

Final decision:
  • The two projects will not be combined
  • The Sister-library proposal will be tabled as the strategic plan for 2009. A framework needs to be developed. A working team will be formed
  • I'm tasked to proceed with a prototype for the Youth Expression proposal. I guess people need to visualise how this can be done. Linn (from Norway) has agreed to help connect me to a library in her country for this prototype stage (if you're a librarian reading this and want to be involved at this stage, I'd love to hear from you)
More to be discussed at our second and final SC meeting.

But we're getting there.

I wish I'd recorded the audio of our discussions.

This is a group who come from different backgrounds. Different working styles. We don't share a common first language. It can be hard to articulate what we want to express. Or understand what has been said.

Clarifications were sought. Objections were raised.

There were disagreements.

But it was about ideas and not personalities.

I love librarians :)

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