Wednesday, August 13, 2008

IFLA 2008 (part 10): "You Can't Take Me Home"

[From Part 9]

I got tired of blogging about the "serious stuff".


Here's a very cool T-shirt (but worned by an uncool-looking dude, I'm afraid!)
"You Can't Take Me Home"

My Norwegian colleague, Linn, gave out T-shirts her library produced as part of a project. In the centre of the T-shirt, it says "Lkke til hjemlan".

It means "You Can't Take Me Home".

I guess you have to be a librarian to appreciate the joke. LOL

Back to the serious stuff.

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  1. Anonymous12:36 pm

    Oh, it was you.
    I didn't realize this man was you.
    You got some weight.
    I am sorry I missed the chance to meet you again.
    It's very charm and brilliant blog. You are great.
    Good luck and take care of yourself.
    - Song, KyeongJin (from Korea)

  2. Hi KyeongJin, yeah I put some weight since South Korea! Come up and say 'Hi' at the next IFLA, if I'm there :)


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