Saturday, August 16, 2008

IFLA 2008 (part 16): Last SC meeting & Goodbye, Quebec City

[From Part 15]

15 Aug, 2008. Quebec City.

Second & last SC meetingSecond and final Standing Committee (SC) meeting.

We discussed the rest of the agenda items left over from the first meeting.

Confirmation of the Section's strategic plan for 2009-2010. A review of the Section's programmes and presentation over the last five days. Agreement on the venue of the mid-year meeting (which I won't be attending), preliminary ideas for the pre-conference and conference in 2009, and even some ideas for 2010.

Somehow it felt like more was accomplished at this year's meeting.

Maybe it's because we finalised a few things.

Like the revised YA guidelines announced and presented on Tuesday (much work done by a colleague from the US). And a position paper on Information Literacy (thanks to a Japanese colleague).

Also some concrete steps on these two proposals. We've agreed they will proceed as projects.

Then it's a final round of good-byes.

It's back to own countries and our day-jobs.

Visit to Bibliothèque de Charlesbourg

OK, time to pack my bag.

It's been a pleasant and safe stay in Quebec City.

Au revoir.

Quebec City suburbs Quebec city suburbs

Quebec City Convention Center Quebec City Rene-Levesque

Quebec City - Old City Wall

Quebec City street Quebec City - flowering cans

Quebec City fort walls


  1. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Hi Ivan,
    I recognised your name from the IFLA listserve, so I started reading your very interesting blog. I was amazed by the number of reservations on 'Breaking Dawn'! What sort of population does their library service cater to? Ours has a resident population of about 250,000 - we have 12 reservations on the book! My 16 year-old daughter just eats them up, and her friends end up buying them and passing them around because they just can't wait.
    One more comment - you'll have to explain to this inadequate librarian why you would have 'You can't take me home' on a t-shirt? I had to ask!
    The beautiful library in Quebec had me agog - one to show my colleagues for sure.
    All the best,
    Robyn Burns (Melbourne, Aust.)

  2. Hi Robyn! I'm not sure how many residents Kankakee PL serves. But they held a promotional event in the library with the book as a prize. Wonder if you'd see your reservation queues increase if you try a promotional event -- or maybe your users prefer to buy the book!

    Re: the "You can't take me home" caption on the T-shirt -- it was a T-shirt given to me by a Norwegian librarian (pictured next to me). Her library produced the T-shirt as part of a promotional event. Librarians would wear it and it's a librarian-joke I suppose. You know, "you can't borrow the librarian home". :)


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