Saturday, March 31, 2007

NLB Staff Jam at the library@esplanade, 31 March 2007

[Update: Videos posted here]

The sudden downpour made me think twice about going to the library@esplanade, to attend the NLB Staff Jam. But then I'd already left a Twitter message announcing my attendance. So I braved the rain in case someone read the message and expected me to show.

Which was a good thing, 'cos it was a great performance (I used to be in the jam... maybe that's why it's better now!)

The show had already started when I arrived at 6.30pm.
NLB Staff Jam - Library@Esplanade, 31 Mar 2007

NLB Staff Jam - Library@Esplanade, 31 Mar 2007
NLB Staff Jam - Library@Esplanade, 31 Mar 2007

The diners at the Singapore Art Cafe (located within the library, and literally one foot away from the performance area) must have got more than they paid for, with a free performance:
NLB Staff Jam - diners at the Art Cafe

Tonight's performance were all cover pieces. The show was interspersed with brief introductions to things like the artists, genre, and musical instruments. It was a great way to add that learning element into the show, while letting the band rest between songs. Here's Indra (a Library Officer with library@Esplanade, aka our resident Guitar Shredder) sharing with the audience about guitar strings, e.g. tuning, types of strings for the different types of guitars.
Indra - on guitar strings and tuning

During another break between songs, Indra's brother (yeah, they are brothers in real life, but he's not with NLB) explained more about percussion instruments. Hey, sorry dude, I know your name but I don't know how to spell it!
Explanation on the various types of drums

Here's Ridwan (another Friend of the Library) explaining what this instrument was -- which I promptly forgot.
Explanation of a (whatcamacalit)

I would have failed the pop quiz just before the last song or two. The quiz questions were based on the information shared earlier (e.g. the guitar string tuning, the type of percussion instrument). Here's one of the participant enthusiastically raising his hand to answer the question.
Pop Quiz!

The prizes weren't elaborate (some simple library tokens). But a few participants won free coffees from the cafe -- thanks to the generosity of this guy, Jonathan. He's the owner of the cafe, and he plays the piano in the jam session too. Talk about supporting the library!
Jonathan - owner of the Art Cafe at Library@Esplanade

And while they were giving out prizes, I noticed this little girl who sneaked onto the set and tinkled a few keys on the piano when no one was watching. I think we have a musical prodigy here, 'cos her random notes sounded quite nice (I think she's the daughter of Jonathan).
Sneaking in a tune
Musical prodigy in the making

The band belted out their last song, to enthusiastic applause from the audience. Here's the band members posing for pictures. It's about a 50-50 mix of staff and their friends.
The Jammers

They invited a regular library customer, Raymond, to pose with them (earlier, they made him go up on stage to be part of the performance, which he sportingly obliged).
The Jammers, with an EPCL regular

Borrowing Machines, Library@Esplanade

The session ended at about 7.30pm. I noticed this quotation on the glass wall. Pretty apt for tonight's session.
Writing on the Light Wall

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