Sunday, April 01, 2007

Videos from NLB Staff Jam at the library@esplanade, 31 March 2007

At yesterday's Staff Jam, I managed to record two pieces by the NLB Staff/ Friends band. My digital camera has a video-recording function. Quality-wise, it's obvious that a digital camera is a camera first, and not a video recorder. Still, the sound quality isn't that bad. As I played this at home, I found myself nodding my head and swaying to the beat. These folks (a 50-50 mix of NLB staff and friends) are good.

Here's Ridzwan (a Friend of the Library) doing a cover of an Emil Chow's Mandarin song. Ridzwan doesn't speak Mandarin. To his right is a library@esplanade regular, who sportingly went up on stage to "assist" Ridzwan. His job was to shake his head if Ridzwan got the Mandarin words wrong, heh.

This was a cover of a popular contemporary Malay song (the title eludes me). It's sung by Lynette (my NLB colleague), a Chinese lady who may or may not speak Malay (I think she does, 'cos she said she's Malaysian). OK, you spot the pattern here? : ) A quirky but effective way to spice up the performance.


  1. Excellent inter-racial performance there. So all you did was record? Why didn't you have them play your music?

  2. Anonymous5:19 pm

    I reckon that was GOOD, dude!! It does remind me of my undergraduate days at UOW, Australia.

    That was simply good ... we should encourage this type of activities more in our new society.

    You know one of the reason why I join library. When I was in Australia, some S'pore teens told me that NLB conducts hip hop jam. That is the reason why I join NTY library. To mix with the youth.

  3. Wow, that was great!


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