Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Singapore Ruby Brigade Meetup at CLL

As part of the Library 2010 plans, the NLB is interested in ways to "contribute significantly to the Learning Society" and to "power the Knowledge-based economy".

Big words.

Well my interpretation of those statements and principles is to identify and support informal groups that have been initiated by the community. Like why we supported the last Web Standards Singapore Group meetup.

Tomorrow evening, it will be a meetup for the Singapore Ruby Brigade at the Central Lending Library (CLL). Agenda:
Douglas, their organiser, got to know about the library hosting the last Web SG meetup. So he emailed me to ask if their group could try the same thing. After a few emails (I had to check what their group was about etc.) we arranged for the CLL venue.

In case your wondering, they are not a uniform-group, heh. They are a group of (mostly) developers interested in Ruby On Rails. I don't know what's Ruby On Rails (other than it being a programming language).

I do know Bookjetty was built by this guy, as part of learning and experimenting with the programming language. Personally, I wish the NLB catalogue could be like Bookjetty. Yes, you can tell that to my colleagues : )

Details & updates of the meetup here. You don't have to be a developer to join the meetup (I'm not!). The condition for the library hosting their event was that they make their activities available to the public.

Why is NLB doing this again? I'm treating this as a trial. If it works out well, we'd work out some structure for longer-term arrangements with such community groups. There's always an opportunity cost in using the library venues. Ah, but if such activities aren't about Lifelong Learning, then I don't know what is, LOL.


  1. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Ivan, thanks for the arrangement, hope this will work out for a long term, we all are very excited for this.

    Previously we had a hard time sharing knowledge with so many heads squeezed together, trying to take a peek at a small 15 inch laptop screen at one corner in Starbucks.

    And I bet the starbucks staff must have hated us, coz we order so few cups of coffee and we sat there for hours. :D

  2. Hi Herry, having attended the meetup on 19th, I've a good sense what the group is about. To me, it's a high possibility to work out something for the long term. I'll work on it :)

  3. Anonymous7:13 pm

    Ah...glad to hear that. We hope in the long run, we can build up a culture of knowledge sharing among fellow developers in Singapore. Thanks once again. :)


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