Tuesday, March 06, 2007

RSI radio Interview with Rambling Librarian

Was doing some email-housekeeping and re-discovered this radio interview with Joel Chua from Radio Singapore International (RSI) back in November 2006.
Think of the most exciting jobs around and “librarian” would probably be somewhere at the bottom of the list. And that’s something even most librarians wouldn’t disagree with. But this week on Blogwatch, we speak with the Rambling Librarian, who, despite the nature of his job, has managed to attract his fair share of cyber fans.
Listen hereClick here to Listen.

Here's the transcript (note: the link to the audio on this transcript page may not be for the correct interview ~ thanks to Joel for the correct page).

Cyber fans?
You sure you got the right Rambling Librarian, Joel? LOL

Hmm... I still find it awkward when hearing myself speak, although the goosebumpy feeling gets lesser with time. Shan't be too hard on myself. At least I sounded coherent most of the time.

I'm definitely better at writing than speaking off the cuff ('cos when you write, you have time to re-write). It's a good thing Joel did an excellent job in cutting out the rambling parts from the original interview. If not, Joel would have to re-title the episode to "Interview with a Librarian who Rambles Badly"!

Can anyone recommend a book to this librarian on something like "Speaking Well, Spontaneously"? Heh.


  1. Nice one, Ivan! Think I might play it during the in-house blog course I'm conducting.

  2. I just listened to your interview! I once was interviewed on News Radio 938. It was a mix of excitement and nerves. You sounded calm... mostly. =)


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