Saturday, March 10, 2007

Pictures from the "I Love My Library 2007" campaign launch

As promised, here are some pictures from the launch of the "I Love My Library 2007" campaign at Bishan Community Library (BICL) on 9th March.

After their respective speeches, Dr. N Varaprasad, Chief Executive of NLB (left) and Dr. Balaji Sadasivan, Senior Minister of State for MFA and MICA (right) were given a small panel each, to be mounted up. One said "Your Library:" and the other was "Use it. Love it!"
"I Love My Library 2007" - The Launch

Then they're joined by the campaign mascot, Dino (mentioned in the press release). Incidentally, there's a librarian under the dinosaur suit. :)
"I Love My Library 2007"

One of my librarian colleague took the initiative to contact Innova Junior College, after she learnt that the Junior College (JC) was named the "Centre of Excellence for New Media and New Media Arts" (PDF article here). She asked if their students would be interested in making a video to go with the launch. They were, and the end result was a short comedy film of sorts .
Library Etiquette Video, Innova Junior College
As I recall, the storyline went like this: Guy goes to the library. Guy ignores all library etiquette. Beautiful Librarian comes along. Speaks firmly to Guy. He falls in love. Guy becomes ardent supporter of library etiquette. Guy tries to woo Beautiful Librarian. Then Beautiful Librarian gets harassed by Library Punk. Guy comes to Beautiful Librarian's defence -- not resorting to violence but using his intellect and public spiritedness. I can't remember if Guy goes out with Beautiful Librarian.

Right after the film, I joked with some one that the moral of the story was to hire pretty-looking librarians to deal with guys. Heh.

Right after the Innova JC video, a few students from Assumption English School -- and two NLB staff -- put up a Mime. They gamely posed for a shot after the launch.
"I Love My Library 2007" - The Mimes, Assumption English School & NLB Librarians

There were exhibits of art works contributed by students, based on the "I Love My Library" theme.
"I Love My Library 2007" - Student Art works

Guests were also given heart-shaped pieces of paper to write their Love-Notes on why they love the library.
"I Love My Library 2007" - Love Notes

Here's my note (I wasn't rambling, for once -- LOL):
My Love Note - "I Love My Library 2007"

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