Friday, March 09, 2007

Media press release: "I Love My Library" 2007

The following press release was issued to the media on the launch of NLB's "I Love My Library 2007" on 9 March, Friday 2007.

I was at the launch at Bishan Community Library (BICL) this morning. I took some pictures for posting in our department's Intranet Blog, to share with colleagues who couldn't make it. I'll share some of those pictures in the next post.

Meanwhile, here's the press release. For enquiries about the campaign, please contact NLB.
National Library Board continues in its efforts to encourage civic-consciousness amongst library users with "I Love My Library" initiative
  • Year-long campaign aims to encourage Singaporeans to practise good library etiquette and instill the need to respect the library as a shared space
  • Highlights include a roving exhibition with a new mascot for "I Love My Library" to reach out to young library users
Singapore, 9 March 2007 - The National Library Board today launched its annual "I Love My Library" campaign to encourage library users to practise good library etiquette at all times. The campaign also aims to reach out to Singaporeans to reinforce the need to respect the library as a shared space.

In recent years, the library has seen an increase in the number of visitors as well as the number of books borrowed. Last year, in NLB libraries alone, when compared to figures in 2004, visitorship has increased from about 30 million to 32 million, and loans from 26 million to nearly 28 million.

With the large number of library customers, we have received feedback of unsocial behaviours by some patrons. The majority of the complaints received were on the noise level in the library. Another common behaviour observed was that of users who do not place browsed items back into book bins/ trolleys. The other two most observed behaviours were discussing or talking loudly in the libraries, followed by sleeping or napping.

"Even though many civic-conscious users have raised their disapproval of these improper public behaviour, the minority responsible for such acts has been nonchalant about it. Therefore, in 2007, we felt that it is imperative to continue encouraging good library etiquette." said Dr Varaprasad, Chief Executive, National Library Board.

NLB hopes that the 'I Love My Library' initiative will encourage library users to take ownership of the public libraries by playing their part in being civic-conscious and to practise good library etiquette. This is in line with the Singapore Kindness Movement's mission to inspire graciousness through spontaneous acts of kindness and making life more pleasant for everyone. We hope that this initiative will remind library users that displaying courtesy, kindness and consideration toward others will benefit not others, but oneself.

To reach out to all patrons through a series of tongue-in-cheek comics, well-known local cartoonist Lee Chee Chew has also lent his support to the campaign for the second year, illustrating how the library is being misused. These comics will be displayed as posters, pillar wraps and bookmarks in libraries across Singapore to remind users of good library etiquette and how their actions may lead to a loss of knowledge for other users.

Besides these visual reminders, there will also be a series of events and initiatives held throughout the year (See Annex A). The campaign will also be fronted by a new mascot, Dino, who will travel to libraries around Singapore with a roving exhibition that aims to raise users' awareness on good library etiquette and to instill a sense of civic-consciousness in young users.

NLB will also be holding a Customer Appreciation Day in May to recognise patrons for their considerate use of the library. This will be supplemented by activities such as regular children's storytelling sessions where storytellers will spend the first ten minutes highlighting good library manners and other special activities such as a crossword puzzle on library etiquette and skits by students on library etiquette. These events will be lined up for users at selected community libraries throughout the year.

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