Monday, February 06, 2006

Siva recorded this morning's interview (or "After the radio interview on 938LIVE - part 2")

Otterman took the trouble to record my segment of the show and posted it in his blog just hours after the show (his post has a link to a 2.3MB mp3 file). He also gave me some very valid feedback in an email, which I've posted below.

His feedback are spot on. Yup, I did sound tired. Am definitely not a morning person! And yes, I should've shared more about what was in the book. I also realised I used way to much fillers like "Er" and "Ah". Nerves lah.

There was no prior correspondence between the radio producer or me prior to the interview. All I knew was the programme brief and that I'd be interviewed between 7.13am to 7.30m, so while I had prepared something to say, it was pretty much on the fly for most parts. It was "Wake-Up-N-Wait-for-Phone-Call".

Excerpts from Siva's email (posted with permission):

You have to sound more enthusiastic; I know its difficult when you wake up at 7am and have to hang on until they activate you. Also difficult - they waited until it was clear you had finished. So there was no audio feedback, hummin or the like which had you wondering if they got your point about David Lim's battle with disease beng a more inspirational story which I thought was very good - made it relvant to us. Before that it was just some guys enjoying mountaineering.

Your reference to Sea Biscuit should have been more descriptive; pity you did not see this earlier: But it was enough to have me want to read the book; many of us saw the movie, so that helps.

Yeah would have been goood if you had promised to write a review for HighBrowse Online - which I know you can do quite well and fast.

Perhaps, be available for radio recommendations more often and always have a follow up review ready on High Browse which you post up once the show ends. That'll be fun!

I always walked away from a radio interview wishing I had mentioned something so if you feel that way, its usual. Just do it more often, and prepare if you can. I think NewsRadio listeners are able to appreciate your points and you drew Sea Biscuit out of a hat and that was good ending; so good job!

Thanks, Siva, for the very useful tips which I'll share with my colleagues.

Too bad I warmed up only after the end of my 3mins. But it was probably a good thing the DJs kept to 3 mins 'cos the last thing I want is to ramble on national radio (admit that I shed a tear over Seabiscuit is OK but to ramble on air, wah lau super-malu).

My thanks also to Cool Insider for his advice on handling media interviews.

I went away from the radio interview that I could've shared more, so it helped that Siva said it was a natural thing to feel. I'll live and learn. Main thing (if there's a chance to do this again) is to give more insights into why people should read the book.

And sound enthusiastic.

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  1. Anonymous6:37 am

    Heard your interview on Siva's/ Otterman's blog. Enjoyed listening to you.

  2. another tip might be to warm up by just talking and recording it, then playing it back to hear how you sound. the first few times might sound bad, but it should get better.

    also, try to cut down on the uhms and ahs.

  3. Thanks Rana.

    Good idea re: recording and playback, TinkerTailor. Yes, the moment I heard the recording, I realised there were way too many uhms and ahs.

  4. Good interview, although maybe you sounded a bit sleepy? :) You did come across as being quite natural (even despite the ums and ahs, or maybe because of them!) and you certainly know your books!


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