Sunday, February 05, 2006

Radio interview on 938LIVE - 'Dream & Achieve, Do & Believe' programme

Ugh. Have to wake before 7am tomorrow for a 'live' radio interview on 938LIVE for the Breakfast Club radio programme. Hope it'll be as fun as previous time on Parenting Today, except this time it's a phone interview (glad I didn't have to travel all the way to the station just for a 5 minute segment).

I wonder how many listeners actually listen to radio while having breakfast. I'm guessing most of its listeners tune in while driving or commuting to work.

My segment in the radio show is just a small one (maybe less than 5 mins). I'll be recommending some books on inspirational stories and authors. The main programme is about these guys & gals from the University of Singapore who climb real mountains (the only natural landscape I climbed was in South Korea and that already winded me).

Have posted the recommended books over at High Browse Online.

Hope I don't mumble, or worse, say something dumb from lack of sleep during the interview. Wish 938LIVE had a podcast of the show (if they have one, I can't find it on their website).



  1. Anonymous11:27 am

    Wish I had known about the interview. Would have liked to hear it. Saw High Browse Online. Carry on the good work. Thank you.

  2. Hi Rana, in fact you can hear the recording. Good ole Siva made a recording for me! :)


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