Friday, February 03, 2006

My brother has a blog

My brother now has a blog over at He says: "One other reason for setting up this blog was to hopefully ‘catch’ a few potential clients here. Life’s full of surprises…never know what we can expect."

Copyright Eric Chew.
Sure, why not? Free webhosting using a blog tool. Use it to showcase his works (like how authors are using blogs to build an online audience). Once he feels comfortable enough, I'd expect him to start blogging more personal posts to give insights into Eric the individual, rather than Eric the Graphic Artist. I told him blogging is more than just showcasing his works. It's also about seeking and generating conversations and like-minded individuals. Sent him a bunch of my Art-related blog feeds/ links like this and this one. He'll probably pick up RSS soon.

My brother's got talent. Web-designer, computer graphic artist and animator, musician (plays in his church band after picking up piano, guitar on his own, and now drums).

It's funny. Up till our late teens, my brother and I were at each other's neck and probably hated each other's guts. Now he's saying nice things about me, and I of him. Guess that's a sign of us both having grown up.

Welcome to the Blogosphere, Eric.

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  1. Anonymous12:45 am

    Thks for recommending me to wordpress brother....and yup, I'm already thinking of setting up another blog for my mission trip...

    Guess we have all grown up in one way or another...Can't help but thank God for all these blessings. Life's never the same after knowing Him...:)

    will keep you posted when the new blog is up!



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